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It began with an entrepreneur’s quest…

William J. Sames was born in Hartford, Connecticut & immigrant parents who worked on the famous Colt Estate. He studied insurance and Spanish and ventured to Cuba with a business partner to build their fortunes. W.J. Sames moved on to work with Archeologist Edward Thompson in Yucatan.  He developed pneumonia in Monterrey and his doctor advised him to go to Laredo to be nursed to health. Soon thereafter, W. J. struck a partnership with J.R. Moore managing a property brokerage and wholesale business. In 1910, they opened the Laredo Auto Sales Company, the first auto dealership in Texas. Their inventory started with three Ford Model- Ts that were put together in a grain warehouse behind their wholesale business. Sames and Moore decided to divide the businesses with a coin toss. Sames won Laredo Auto Sales and thus began the legacy of Sames Motor Company.

Since 1910, Sames Motor Company has offered quality automobiles to the people of Laredo and it's surrounding communites of: Zapata, San Ygnacio, Catarina, Crystal City, Freer, El Cenizo, Hebronville, Rio Bravo, Benavides, Asherton, Carriso Springs, Eagle Pass, San Diego, Premont, Alice and the rest of South Texas. Sames Motor Company offers Ford, Mazda, Honda, KIA . We are located at the main dealership which is located on San Dario off of Mann Road. We also, have our Sames Budget Centers at these locations on Zapata Hwy & Saunders; Sames Ford and Sames Budget Super Centers in Corpus Christi, Texas; and Sames Red Barn in Austin, Texas. On behalf of our entire staff, we would like to welcome you and thank you for visiting our website. We offer superior sales and service for our valued customers. We are committed to serving our friends and customers and look forward to hearing from you.

100+ Years of Entrepreneurial Success Through five generations and one hundred years, the Sames Family remains true to their core values: Family, Integrity, Community Responsibility, and more importantly, Building a Team who Cares. These core values transcends generations. It is the compass guiding the leadership of each successor. By sustaining generations of employees and families, generously contributing to community, and leading by example, the Sames Family exemplifies the true spirit of entrepreneurial success. Our commitment to community by enriching and empowering the cities we serve with tools for further economic development and enrichment is a mission we take to heart.

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